Mantis “Condo” Housing

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A single enclosure  for mantises 3 inches or smaller. Comes with drainage layer and a flower.

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An enclosure for one mantis nymph or small adult.

Will come with a drainage layer and small amount of moss of substrate, a faux flower, and a layer of plastic mesh on the underside of the lid from which mantises can hang.  Unit is roughly 4″ x 4″ x 5.5″. The enclosure is BPA free and safe for housing invertebrates of any kind. Ventilation holes have been drilled on two of the sides for ideal cross flow to prevent stagnant air and the holes are tight enough that even melanogaster cannot escape through them.

If you’d like a custom orientation of townhouses for other insects regarding ventilation or substrate, feel free to contact me so we can work something out!

These enclosures have silicone feet to prevent scratching of surfaces so they can be placed on surfaces such as glass or plastic. They are also stackable (though I would limit stacking to no more than 3 high).

The lids of these units have a friction seal giving them a tighter hold so they should remain safely seated if the Condo is pushed or even possibly knocked over. They are quiet and should not startle your mantis when opening the container.

Condos come in a total of 11 colors. I can backorder these colors at any time but please understand that backordering can add up to 2 weeks to the order time. Colors available are as follows: Clear, Olive, Ember, Blue, Green, Marine, Pink, Purple, Red, Slate, Yellow.

Color of flower is random unless specified.

All Condos are hand drilled and prepared so there may be slight variance in ventilation hole distribution and size.

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Weight .375 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5.5 in

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  1. Christopher

    killer mantis enclosure for the money! i like em a lot more than the traditional 32oz cups,, opening the lid doesn’t scare yr mantis and you can see them a lot better due to the enclosure not being round.

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